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Keep Your Familiar Equipment and Save Money

Even the best proven equipment eventually gets worn down with age. If you purchase new equipment, you could be trading one problem you know about for new and expensive ones you don’t.

With a Clarke refurb, you keep the equipment you know with a huge cost savings vs. buying new. Allowing it to be as functional and long-lasting as a new unit. 

Refurbing a lesser emissioned unit over purchasing new shows in many vocations a better return on investment with a lower cost of operation.

Our expert team can work with all equipment for any vocation with a production timeline of about 40-45 days.

Timeline & Process

Step 1
Contact us and start spec-ing your refurb
Step 2
Refurb proposal is formulated and submitted to the customer
Step 3
Equipment is secured from the customer
Step 4
A Clarke Refurbs technician inspects the equipment and get a parts list
Step 5
Parts procurement begins and the refurb starts
Step 6
Customer can visit the shop within one week of project completion to inspect equipment specifications
Step 7
Refurb is complete and ready for delivery or pickup
Total: 40-45 working days from scheduled start date
You can start with these standard refurb options for any equipment and customize as needed:

Refurb Products

Yard Spotter

With a custom refurb, you can keep the yard spotter equipment you’re familiar with and have it running like new again. All at a significant cost savings.

Piggy Back

Your piggy back forklift trailers may need some TLC, but you don’t want to invest in brand-new equipment. Clarke Heavy Duty can fine-tune your equipment to maximize your investment.

Step Van

Your hard-working trucks are built to do important jobs. Keep your fleet in top condition by working with our industry experts who service all commercial makes and models.

 Stay up to speed by requesting an equipment assessment from Clarke Heavy Duty today!
View our before and after photos of refurbished trucks and find out how Clarke Refurbs can help your equipment be fully operational for many more years.
See How Clarke Refurbs Can Revitalize Your Equipment